I recently had Kabrel of This Messy TableLA cater a birthday party for 40 people in my garden. It was the most creative and original presentation I’d ever seen! Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious! Not only did she understand my vision of casual elegance, she understood my budget. Everyone wanted to know where I found This Messy TableLA. The secret is out!
— ANDREA KAYE, The Silk Trading Company
This Messy Table is a delicious and beautiful solution for any gathering! In LA everyone has a dietary preference this works whether your low carb, pro carb or vegan. A Messy Table has something like 50 different tasty morsels, so every guest can create lots of delicious mouthfuls. But the best part is, it becomes a conversation starter and gets everyone to mingle in the best way. I’ve never experienced such a combination of unique presentation and amazing food!
Too much of a good thing is wonderful!
cheese detail.jpg
Was just at a THIS MESSY TABLE LA event. Everything was so delicious! Beautifully laid out, tons to eat..sweet and salty heaven with a giant cheese board of my dreams! I follow a keto diet and was able to eat to my heart’s content. Such a great, fun way to bring people together!