So what’s the story, This Messy Table? From what miraculous science experiments gone terribly right did you spring?

Yes, This Messy Table was created by accident. Kabrel Geller, known in her circles for her devastatingly delicious soirees, was having a few friends over for a cocktail party. As usual, she arranged an overflowing cheese and charcuterie platter and placed it on her dining room table but in the hour that passed between setting out her canapés to ripen and open perfectly at room temperature and the first guest ringing the doorbell, Kabrel felt a wave of inspiration wash over her. Fast-forward to party time and her already bountiful assortment had grown to a beautiful, overflowing chaotic cornucopia: organic fruits; crisp veggies; savory nuts, chocolates white, milk and dark; maple syrup and other flavored honeys all bumped up against one another in gorgeous disarray. In short, she blew her guests’ minds. And while Kabrel loves surprising and delighting her own guests with a seemingly endless array of what she had begun calling “messy tables,” friend after pal after colleague urged her to think of this not just as a passion, but a business. When the first phone call came in, with a request to recreate her now signature messy table for a birthday party – for a stranger no less! – Kabrel knew she was onto something. Blow out the candles, and make a wish! This Messy Table was born!