The alchemy of food is usually found in the chemistry of cooking— a single dish, or the complex combinations of a full plate. I represent a different sort of food artisan. One that creates flavorful, fabulous, visual, colorful, aromatic, grand edible arrangements of small plates atop large tables – creating an epicurean centerpiece for every kind of party or gathering.

You and your guests can graze and gab around a torrent of the spicy, savory and sweet! Each Messy Table is a custom original whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, a wedding, a mitzvah, an office party or a cocktail party! I work directly with my clients to get a sense of the occasion and their culinary preferences.

Leave the rest to me; I will create a one-of-a-kind, truly unforgettable Messy Table for you and your guests!

This is my passion and hopefully soon to be your pleasure!